Odelia Dayan-Gabay

Odelia Dayan-Gabay
Lecturer of communication at Sapir Academic College
Teaching assistant in the Department of Communication at Sapir Academic College
Advisor: Prof. Esther Schely-Newman

I’m a PhD Candidate at the Department of Communication and Journalism at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
My field of research is about Narratives in the media discourse with an emphasis on violence against women, prostitution and minorities.


In addition, I'm working as an independent lecturer and extend my academic studies to the general public in order to raise awareness and critical thinking among the general public, the Government and the media.


Today I am in the last writing stage of my doctoral thesis dealing with the media narrative of prostitution phenomenon in Israel, over the past decade.
I'm examining how the discourse changes over the years and how does it link to the legislation on the subject.