Noam Gal

Noam Gal
Research Topic: ironic humor on social media
Advisors: Prof. Limor Shifman, Prof. Zohar Kampf

I am a PhD candidate at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the department of Journalism and communication, where I also completed my BA and MA studies (magna cum laude).


My current research deals with ironic humor on social media and its role in processes of social segregation and collectivization


Important achievements:

I was awarded two ‘top paper’ awards and three ‘top student paper’ awards (International Communication Association & Israeli Communication association).
I was a fellow of The Lafer Center for Women and Gender Studies; and The Hoffman Leadership & Responsibility Program.
I was a recipient of the Hebrew University President Scholarship; The Brenda Danet Scholarship by Smart Institution; and several other scholarships and grants.


Recent studies:

My recent studies focus on ironic marking and identification on social media; and the discursive sanctioning of failed interpretations of irony in these arenas.



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John, N. A. & Gal, N. (2018). ‘He’s got his own sea’: Political Facebook unfriending in the personal public sphere. International Journal of Communication, 12, 2971-2988.  

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Gal, N., Shifman, L. and Kampf, Z. (2016). 'It Gets Better': Internet memes and the construction of collective identity. New Media & Society, 18(8), 1698-1714. DOI: 10.1177/1461444814568784

Gal, N. (2011). The Use of Interpersonal and Internal Discussion Tools in Narratives of Lesbian Sexual Identity Formation. Mifgash, 33, 167-192. (Hebrew)