Nicholas John

Nicholas John
Associate Professor

Prof. Nicholas John is a Associate Professor in the Department of Communication and Journalism, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Originally from England, where I studied Philosophy and Social and Political Sciences at Cambridge University. My doctoral research was carried out in the Department of Sociology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. My Ph.D. dissertation was the first academic study of the Internet in Israel. My research interests include technology and society, the Internet, new media, Web 2.0 and sharing.

I am the author of the book, The Age of Sharing, published by polity. This book offers an innovative approach to sharing in Web 2.0, specifically by linking it to sharing in other social spheres, namely, consumption and intimate interpersonal relations. I teach BA and MA courses about the complex interrelations between technology and society.


Selected publications

  • Zhao, Luolin & Nicholas A. John. ‎‎2020. “The concept of ‘sharing’ ‎in Chinese social media: Origins, ‎transformations and ‎implications.” Information, ‎Communication & Society. DOI: ‎‎10.1080/1369118X.2020.179121‎‎6‎

  • John, Nicholas. A., & Agbarya, A. ‎‎2020. “Punching up or turning ‎away? Palestinians unfriending ‎Jewish Israelis on Facebook.” ‎New Media & Society. ‎

  • Sharon, Tzlil, and Nicholas A. ‎John. 2019. “Imagining an ideal ‎podcast listener,” Popular ‎Communication, 17:4, 333-347.‎

  • John, Nicholas A. 2019. “Social ‎media bullshit: What we don’t ‎know about ‎ and why ‎we should care,” Social Media + ‎Society. ‎‎‎5119829863‎

  • Bitman, Nomy, and Nicholas A. ‎John. 2019. “Deaf and hard of ‎hearing smartphone users: ‎Intersectionality and the ‎penetration of ableist ‎communication norms,” Journal ‎of Computer-Mediated ‎Communication, 24‎‏:‏‎2, 56–72.‎

  • John, Nicholas A., and Asaf ‎Nissenbaum. 2019. “An ‎agnotological analysis of APIs: ‎Or, disconnectivity and the ‎ideological limits of our ‎knowledge of social media,” The ‎Information Society, 35:1, 1-12.‎

  • John, Nicholas A., and Noam ‎Gal. 2018. “‘He’s Got His Own ‎Sea’: Political Facebook ‎Unfriending in The Personal ‎Public Sphere,” International ‎Journal of Communication, 12:0, ‎‎2971–2988.‎

  • Sharon, Tzlil, and Nicholas A. ‎John. 2018. “Unpacking (the) ‎Secret: Anonymous social media ‎and the impossibility of ‎networked anonymity,” New ‎Media and Society, 20:11, 4177–‎‎4194.‎

  • John, Nicholas A. 2016. The Age ‎of Sharing. Cambridge: Polity ‎Press.‎

  • John, Nicholas A., and Shira Dvir ‎Gvirsman. 2015. “‘I don’t Like ‎you any more’: Facebook ‎unfriending by Israelis during ‎the Israel-Gaza conflict of 2014,” ‎Journal of Communication, 65:6, ‎‎953-974.‎

  • John, Nicholas A. 2013. “The ‎social logics of sharing.” The ‎Communication Review. 16:3, ‎‎113-131.‎

  • John, Nicholas A. 2013. “Sharing ‎and Web 2.0: The emergence of ‎a keyword.” New Media & ‎Society, 15:2, 167-182.‎


Awards and Prizes

The Age of Sharing won the:

  • Nancy Baym Book Award, 2017

  • Best Book, Israel Communication Association, 2017

  • Winner, Outstanding Book Award, Popular Communication Division, International Communication Association, 2018.