Prof. Gadi Wolfsfeld

Gadi Wolfsfeld

Academic Background and Fields of Interest

Gadi Wolfsfeld is a full professor that held a joint appointment in political science and communication at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He received his Ph.D in Political Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has previously served as chair of the department of communication, director of the Smart Family Institute of Communication, director of the Levi Eshkol Institute for Economic, Social and Political Research and Chair of the Political Communication section of the American Political Science Association. He has published dozens of scholarly articles in the field of political communication and five books. He has joined the academic staff at the Sammy Ofer School of Communication in March 2012.

Professor Wolfsfeld currently working on a research project concerning the role of the social media in collective action. In addition he is beginning a new book that will develop and detail his “Political Contest Model” that is designed to explain how the role of the media in politics can change over time and circumstance.


Selected Publications:


  • Making Sense of Media and Politics: Five Principles in Political Communication, Routledge (2011).

  • Media and the Path to Peace, Cambridge University Press (2004).

  • Political Communication in a New Era: A Cross-National Perspective, (with Philippe Maarek, Eds. Routledge, (2003).

  • Media and Political Conflict: News From the Middle East, Cambridge University Press (1997).

  • Framing the Intifada: Media and People, (with Akiba Cohen, Eds.), Norwood, N.J.: Ablex Press, (1993).

  • The Politics of Provocation: Participation and Protest In Israel, State University of New York Press, (1988)

Selected Articles:

  • “Psychological Correlates of Public Support for Reconciliation” (with Ifat Maoz, Jacob Shamir, and Shira Dvir”, Peace and Conflict Studies 2009, 16: 26-43.

  • "Party Systems and Oppositional Voices in the News Media: A Study of the Contest over Political Waves in the U.S. and Israel" (with Tamir Sheafer), The International Journal of Press/Politics  2009, 14: 146-165.

  • "News Media and Peace Building in Asymmetrical Conflicts: The Flow of News between Jordan and Israel" (with Eitan Alimi and Wasfi Kailani), Political Studies, 2008, 56:374-398.

  • "Covering Death in Conflicts: Coverage of the Second Intifada on Israeli and Palestinian Television" (with Paul Frosh and Maurice Awabdy), Journal of Peace Research, 2008, 45:403-419.

  • "ImagiNation: News Discourse, Nationhood and Civil Society", (with Paul Frosh), Media Culture and Society, 2006, 29:117-141.

  • "Competing Actors and the Construction of Political News: The Contest over Waves in Israel" (with Tamir Sheafer), Political Communication, 2006, 23: 333 - 354.