Prof. Alan Rosenthal

Alan Rosenthal

Alan Rosenthal is a film director, and professor at the Hebrew University (Jerusalem) and  York University (Toronto) and Stanford University. He is also an award-winning documentary filmmaker based in Jerusalem, with a focus of making history/political documentaries and docudramas . He was born in England, and educated at Oxford University (Law) and Stanford University (Communications).

With a long career in documentary filmmaking he has directed more than fifty films for ZDF, ARTE, the BBC, PBS and other broadcasters. His recent docudrama, The First Fagin, about the transportation of convicts to Australia in the nineteenth century, was invited for special feature presentation at the Melbourne International Film Festival in 2013.

His film awards include a Christopher and a Peabody Journalism gold medal. The American Universities Film Association awarded him the George Stoney prize for documentary distinction.

Alan is an author of numerous books on documentary filmmaking of which include, Writing Directing & Producing Documentary, New Challenges for Documentary, Writing Docudrama:Dramatizing Reality for Film & TV, The Documentary Conscience: A casebook in filmmaking.


Born in London, England. Current residence: Jerusalem.

BA, MA, Oxford Univ.  Law. 

MA Stanford University, Communications.

Solicitor ( hons)  England.




Writer, Director, Producer over 50 documentary  films for BBC, Channel 4, PBS, ABC, Israel TV. ARTE, ZDF, CBC Canada etc. Most recent films:

  • The Fatal Clash ( In production with ARTE)
  • The Last FAGIN (Mebourne Int. Film Festival)
  • Stalin’s Last Purge
  • Eichmann’s Secret Memoirs
  • Waves of Freedom
  •  Civilization and the Jews (with Abba Eban, Emmy award)


11 books. Including Documentary Diaries, Why Docudrama, Writing and Directing Documentary Films




Emmy, Peabody Journalism, Cine Eagle, Outstanding  Achievement Award US Documentary Association etc



World expert on documentary films

Specialization: producing directing doc and drama docs and international film cooperation

Professor Communications Journalism Hebrew Univ 1971-2015

Professor, York University, Toronto

Visiting Professor Stanford University

Visiting Prof. British, Australian,  Mexican,  Swedish, Hong Kong National film Schools