Did you know?

8 June, 2021

Did you know?


To stay up to date on what is happening in the department, we follow every researcher and doctoral student in the department, and publish as soon as the research publication comes out.
The links to the research are on the research page.

If you find that your publication has not been published, write to us and we will publish!


Update your profile: We are updating the profiles in the website, join us

17 March, 2021


We update the profiles on the site.
The goal: to make the site relevant, and your profiles professional and impressive, ones that you will be proud to send to colleagues and others.

Send your profile today to the email of the Smart Institute - a new picture is also recommended!


Welcome to our new Smart website!

18 January, 2021


Well, did you see we launched a new site?

The site contains the profiles of all members of the department - faculty, doctoral students, emeritus and those who do not.

  • Want to renew your profile? Write to us.


Also, the site contains news about the institute and the members of the department, publishes your articles as soon as they come out (search: research), and of course presents the great podcast we started producing at the institute last year.


Winning the grant for discussion groups for 2021​​​​​​​

17 January, 2021

Congratulations to Professor Zohar Kampf and Professor Tamir Sheffer on winning a grant for discussion groups for 2021

The grant will be used to cover the expenses involved in running an academic discussion group, which will promote their research and create collaborations between departments, between educational institutions and between researchers and MA and PHD students.