Hadar Levy-Landsberg

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Research Topic: A Theory of Sound Interface
Advisor: Prof. Amit Pinchevski

I am a PhD candidate in The Department of Communication and Journalism at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. I hold a bachelor's degree in Communication and Linguistics and a Master’s degree in Communication and Journalism, both from the Hebrew University.


My dissertation project, supervised by Prof. Amit Pinchevski, explores the unique roles played by sound interfaces in interacting with and through media. Locating sound interfaces at pivotal junctures within diverse media ecologies both past and present, this project reveals their “elemental” qualities of orienting and arranging people and property in time and space. I argue that sound interfaces possess infrastructural—therefore political—features, weaving invisible and indispensable networks around their users and undetectably undergirding other forms of communication.

Research Interests

  • Sound Studies
  • Human-Technology Interaction
  • Philosophy & Theory of Media and Communication
  • Media History


Selected Publications

Levy-Landesberg, H. (2021). Sound & the City: Rethinking Spatial Epistemologies with Urban Sound Maps. Sound Studies. Doi: 10.1080/20551940.2021.1982563

Levy-Landesberg, H. (2020). Listen Up! Phatic thresholds and sound interface design. New Media & Society, 23(10), 3084-3104. Doi:10.1177/1461444820944851

Levy, H. & Pinchevski, A. (2017). Resounding News: The Acoustic Conventions of Israeli Newscasts. International Journal of Communication, 11, 3355–3373.

Shifman, L., Levy, H., & Thelwall, M. (2014). Internet Jokes: The Secret Agents of Globalization? Journal of Computer‐Mediated Communication, 19(4), 727-743.Research Grant for Doctoral Students, The Smart Institute Scholarship, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem 2017-2019

Awards and Prizes

  • The Shoshana Blum-Kulka Excellence Scholarship for Discourse Analysis Young Researchers, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem 2016-2017